Friday, January 20, 2012

How You Can Help The Galaxy

Help us keep bringin' the rock!
We here at the Galaxy, along with our partners at The Lonely House, are on a mission.  Actually it's more like several missions, all kind of sort of tied loosely together around the space at Galaxy CDS.  We're working as hard as we can, but honestly, we need your help.

Jared Bowers, mastermind and self proclaimed 'semi-evil genius' behind The Lonely House sums it up best saying, "What we do is simple: As fans of music, and avid supporters of our local music scene, we want to make the area more accessible to bands and more artist friendly by setting up shows, hosting bands, and helping them out in any way that we can."  We're working on that simple goal by mixing local and regional bands from Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton, and Middletown, with groups from literally all over the country.  In Hamilton.  For real.  And despite growing pains, it is working.  Bands are telling us they love the vibe, the way the sound here, and the way the crowds pay attention.  We aren't a bar, we're about the music, and it is being noticed by artists and fans alike.

At the same time, we're working with area artists, displaying, and selling, their paintings, and scheduling art shows with them.  We currently have work on display from five different artists, with more on the way.  We're doing songwriters workshops, working with seasoned and aspiring songwriters to help them sharpen their skills.  And we're offering that for free.  We host a comedy night once a month, a place where local comedians can perform in front of a friendly crowd, to try their hand for the first time at stand up, or to try out new material before doing a full show.  This event is also free to attend, and to perform.

 WolfCryer @ The Galaxy

We're trying to create a scene.  And a bridge between the scenes scattered all over Southwestern Ohio.  To have an environment where bands, and artists, have a place to showcase their work, and share their immense talent.  As Jared says, "We’re not just interested in seeing our local scene in Cincinnati thrive. It is our hope to be able to help build and support a network of bands and venues in order to help facilitate communication between some of the other major (and minor) metropolitan areas of Southwest Ohio, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky."

These lofty goals however, cost real money.  So while we work hard to deliver you what we think are some amazing shows, we are asking for your help in return.  What can you do?  Share our mission with everyone you know.  Like our pages on Facebook, Galaxy CDS and The Lonely House.  Come out to our events, and bring your friends!  Make a donation, there's a handy donation box in the upper right corner of this blog, and another on our webpage at  Stop by and pick up some flyers and pass them around, or post them up at your other hangouts.  If you own a local business, become a sponsor and let us hand out YOUR flyers or coupons at our events, hang a sign or a banner for you, and promote your business on our pages.  If you've got old cds, dvds, or records you'd be willing to donate to us rather than Goodwill or Rumpke, or you know someone who does, bring 'em in and we'll try to raise some funds selling them in our online store.

Just one of the pieces of art on display

We completely understand that times are tough.  That's why all of our shows to date have been either FREE or just $5.00.  We want to continue to build this community, of artists, bands, and fans. We want you to be part of it.  So please, post this blog on your blog, on your facebook page, or anywhere else you share what's going on in your life.  And come see us, partner with us, or make a contribution to help us grow this.  We've often heard over the years that there's just nothing good going on in Hamilton.  We're biased of course, but we think this has the potential to be not just good, but great.  We've had fans come from 2 hours away to see bands that are playing right here in your town.  Join us won't you?

We have two events coming up next week.  Wednesday is our second Comedy Night, from 8 to 10 PM, and is absolutely and completely FREE, unless you'd like to make a donation instead of doing it online.  Friday we have another of our $5.00 shows, featuring Reactions from Phoenix, Arizona along with Johnny Stanec from Youngstown, Life After Liftoff from Datyon, Awake At Last from Dover, Delaware, and Hamilton's own Yankee Go Home.  Pass it along, and then come share the good times.  As always, please, and thank you!

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