Monday, January 23, 2012

In The Spotlight--Awake At Last

Delaware's Awake At Last appears @ The Galaxy Friday 1/27
This Friday the Galaxy is hosting bands from all over the place for one giant rock show.  One of those groups, embarking on their first ever tour outside their home area of Dover, Delaware, is Awake At Last.  Vincent Torres from the band took some time out to talk with us about their band, their tour, and other such musical type topics. 

He tells us that the band was able to set this tour up entirely on their own.  "By using multiple online resources and being dedicated and efficient we've been able to secure all of our dates.  We are looking forward to the chance to show our music to people outside of our local scene.  To travel and play and get the word out there is the main reason we're booking these tours."  Part of what they hope to accomplish on the tour meshes nicely with what we're doing at the Galaxy. They're hoping to "meet all kinds of new people that we can build lasting band relationships with," he says.  While this is the bands first time on the road, the band members have, "all been in different bands that have been on different success levels.  Our drummer Jesse for instance, has been on a few tours and has been through experiences from being robbed at gunpoint to playing in front of thousands of people."

As other bands we have talked to have related, the local scene in Delaware for original music is challenging.  "There are quite a few places to play but for some reason not a lot of kids attend the shows as much as you'd think they would," Torres comments.  "Some kids will only listen to a specific genre or a specific band, but for the most part the general public just likes good live music and can make the best of whatever situation.  We've played some local shows for our local crowd where the venue is packed wall to wall and it's amazing.  Than we've played shows where two or three of the other bands scheduled to play will drop off the bill and only about ten or twenty kids come out to support.  We just try to play every show as if we were in front of thousands of people because you never know who's listening."

Describing their style as "very unique," Torres says that, "We've all come from very different musical influences stemming from hard punk to metal and even to screamo here and there. We often get compared to bands like The Used, Pierce The Veil, and even Chiodos a few times, all known for their edgy energetic guitar sounds and their blend of melodic vocals and metal influenced drum beats to an almost spooky-ish tune."  He adds that, "We talk about the underground rock club sound because Eric and I as guitar players come from a metal background.  Heavy riffs with a lot right hand timing and chugging.  And Estil and Jesse both bring that heavy tone with the drums and bass.  Though when it comes to writing the vocal melodies and lyrics I think in a more radio friendly poppy get stuck in your head kind of sound.  When we write music usually a band member will come to rehearsal with a riff or chord progression they had been working on and as a band we all take turns throwing out ideas and slowly forming the foundation, later adding little transitions and sound tags.  It's a good process that lets us all have a say in how the song ultimately is formed."

Listen to Awake At Last

The band just formed last March, through a meeting of friends.  Vincent and Jesse, "were friends throughout school and stuff and were brought back together by a mutual friend.  We had spoken about some of our musical experiences and some of the bands we'd been playing with and decided to get together and play some music and see if we could come up with something.  Eric was already a close friend of mine and we had played in a few bands together in the past.  Once I set up a day to jam out I invited Eric out to play guitar as well and the three of us started the band.  We had a bassist for a bit but things ended up not working out and the line-up was fully completely when Estil joined the group as a bass player.  He had a lot of musical experience and had even played in a band with Eric prior to joining," says Torres.

With the many changes in the music industry over the last decade, like many other bands we've talked to, Awake At Last has found as many opportunities as challenges.  He told us at he thought, "the music industry we currently have is a shadow of its former glory.  But there are certain benefits to this.  It seems like the independent labels and smaller start up labels are starting to thrive a bit more than some of the really big labels.  Awake At Last so far has been a 'Do it yourself' kinda band.  And thanks to the internet being a do it yourself band is much easier done these days."  Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation are among some of the tools the band has used to stay in touch with their fans, and to coordinate their current tour.  "The internet has revolutionized the industry in a sense.  It's a way to keep bands and fans in touch with each other even if they're states, or even countries apart."

The band hopes to make new fans, as well as a little touring cash, with their high intensity shows.  "We usually sell t-shirts and cd's or buttons at the shows we can play.  If you can impress a crowd with your live performance they usually want to take a piece of the band home with them and help the band along their path.  We have had good feedback with that and cannot wait to expand our horizons and perform in other states and venues such as Galaxy Cd's for instance.  We look forward to seeing you guys and we are glad that we were able to get in touch with each other," Torres concludes.

You can see Awake At Last along with Reactions, Life After Liftoff, Johnny Stanec, and Yankee Go Home this Friday January 27th for just $5.00.  The show is All Ages and kicks off at 7PM.  Thanks to Vincent for taking the time to chat with us, and we'll see you at the show!

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