Friday, January 13, 2012

In The Spotlight--Don't Wait Up

Don't Wait Up
Joining the Galaxy on January 19th for a ginormous pop punk show will be Cincinnati's own Don't Wait Up.  Describing themselves as "six friends who all went to high school together and wanted to go to real life together," the band formed in November of 2010.  Despite their relative short existence, the band has already opened for the likes of Senses Fail, Hit The Lights, Cartel and many more, events that lead vocalist Michael Padgett described simply as "unbelievable."  He added though that, "our favorite shows are the ones where everyone goes crazy and sings our songs back to us! We love our fans!"

The band draws influences from the full spectrum of music.  Padgett says that "I know Ryan would kill me if I didn't (mention) Led Zeppelin. But I know we all pretty much grew up on pop/punk and our influence does mainly come from that."  He points out that various members of the band love hip-hop or hardcore, while joking that "Mike Newton likes the weirdest shit in the world, and I can't get enough Lionel Richie! I think Lionel Richie is probably our biggest influence deep down but not everyone can accept it."

Don't Wait Up is currently finishing up their new ep which was recorded over two sessions separated by some months.  "We went to Moonlight Studios back in July or something like that with the intention of just recording 4 songs and releasing those. But because we are the brokest band in the world we delayed printing them out. And by the time we had some cash together, we had some new songs, and decided that we would just record those bad boys as well and release them all together," Padgett told us.  As for naming the release, "We wanted something that was really deep and made your pants a little tighter so we went with: 'Blue Waffle'," he cracked.  The band says the ep should be available at shows and online soon.

The band's sense of humor comes out both in our discussion with them, and in their songs.  Padgett described to us in intimate detail the band's songwriting process, saying that "Me and Ryan usually go up to my bedroom, light a couple of candles and bang out some guitar parts, then we'll bring it to practice and we'll learn the songs."  And this is clearly a band taking their energy from the moment.  "Our songs pertain to what the members of the band are doing at the time. I try to write lyrics about how everyone is feeling in the band and not just myself all of the time. For example: 'World's Worst Girlfriend' is about a shitty girlfriend I had. And then 'Nati's Finest' is about our whole group of friends doing dumb shit and not caring what people think about it."  Other song titles include "You're Not The Only Thing Getting Wasted" and "This Song Is Definitely About You", further hammering home the band's lighthearted approach to their storytelling.

The band has the goal of being "able to do this for the rest of our lives. Our goal isn't to get huge, it's just to be able to play at a level where we could live off of doing what we love. We just want to write music that means something to us, and have it mean something to other people as well. Through our music and performances I hope to accomplish nothing more than to have people in the crowd singing the words back to me that I wrote!" Padgett said.  Part of that effort to make a living involves being sponsored by Radio Fonix Apparel.  Padgett said that, "Tabby from Rfx contacted us a few months ago and was interested in sponsoring us. She was just starting out and she wanted to help us out, and in turn we try and help her out. She's actually designing our shirts as well," he noted.

You can see Don't Wait Up along with Storm The Bay, Hello! Jersey, and Role Models at Galaxy CDS Thursday January 19th at 7pm.  The show is All Ages and just $5.00!  Thanks to Michael for talking with us, and we'll see you at the show!


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