Monday, January 9, 2012

In The Spotlight--The End of The Ocean

The End Of The Ocean  
Welcome to our first installment of "In The Spotlight", a look at some of the artists that will be hitting the Galaxy stage.  Our first victim, er, guest, is Columbus Ohio's The End Of The Ocean.  Playing Sunday January 15th as part of our huge post rock show, The End Of The Ocean is a fantastic instrumental five piece, who recently found their latest album Pacific-Atlantic on numerous Top 100 of 2011 lists.  They have found themselves compared favorably with bands like This Will Destroy You, and Explosions In The Sky, high praise indeed, but well deserved if you give them a listen.

The band cites influences from all types of music, from "early scremo/emo bands to black metal bands. We have 5 different people in the band with 5 different musical influences. As a group some of our favorite post-rock bands are Sunlight Ascending, The Appleseed Cast, Envy, Year Of No Light, Caspain, Pg. Lost, The American Dollar, Mono, Helios, Jeniferever, Hammock", which is a virtual laundry list of some of the finest Post Rock bands in the genre.

In addition to the usual assortment of musical outlets, The End Of The Ocean's "Pacific-Atlantic" can also be found on Spotify, which came to the US last fall.  "Spotify has been an awesome tool for us. We were able to become involved through our digital distribution."  They say that "especially with Spotify's Facebook integration it's a great way to get your name out there."  Their music is also available through Future Recordings, and on Bandcamp.

Pacific-Atlantic by The End Of The Ocean
The band says that "Pacific·Atlantic was written over the course of a year. We put a lot of work into tweaking different parts, trying to create a flow of storyline through our songs. It has really paid off for us, a lot of the reviews that we've received have mentioned that they could hear that in the songs. It was a really fun album to write. Because it was our debut full length, we really wanted to put everything we had into it. On our first ep we were still trying to find our sound and through writing Pacific·Atlantic we fell into it."

"As far as recording goes, it went really really well for us. We recorded with Grant Beachy at Electric Angel Studios in Goshen, In. He's a great producer and had some amazing ideas for us while we were in the studio. It was amazing to work with a producer who cared about our music just as much as we did," they added.

As any band that has played numerous shows, The End Of The Ocean has had good, and not so good experiences.  "We've had numerous shows go unexpectedly wrong but not sure if anything specifically sticks out for a single show. Some things we've had happen though are bass cabs almost catching fire, and bad sound guys at legendary venues," which would have to be a massive disappointment.  They cite a basement show at Sunlight Ascendings house in Detroit as one of their all time favorites.  "There were about 100 kids packed in their tiny basement. It was a perfect show. We still talk about it all of the time," the band commented.

Please be sure to pay the band a visit at The End Of The Ocean to read more about them, check out some music and video, and then come see them in person this Sunday January 15th at Galaxy CDS. Showtime is 7pm, ALL AGES and is just $5.00!  Thanks to the band for taking some time out to chat with us, and we'll see you at the show!

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