Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In The Spotlight--Reactions

Phoenix Arizona's Reactions hit the Galaxy Friday Jan 27th
Traveling all the way from Arizona to melt the faces of Galaxians as part of a 12 city tour, Reactions will be part of a huge show at the Galaxy this Friday January 27th.  Described as a 'rock/alternative/post-hardcore' band, they told us they "always have a tough time describing what we sound like. We think we have a rock/pop sound with (some) post-hardcore. Our main influences are Life on Repeat, A Day to Remember, and Alkaline Trio," though they told us they rock Blink 182 and Foo Fighters every day in the van. We'll just say they rock, whatever the influences!

Having formed in early 2011, they plotted an aggressive path toward world domination, or at least a big online following.  "We launched in August with a goal of creating a very strong online presence. In December, we hit our target goal and released our second EP," they said. They currently have over 3200 fans on Facebook.  Deciding to follow that online success by putting some miles on the van, the group is hitting 10 states on their 12 dates in 19 days trek.  "We did this tour through a company called Second Chance booking. We are a week into our tour and the best part so far is the kids coming out in each city!  We love meeting new people and connecting with our fans. The worst is for sure the van rides! We are from Phoenix where everything is close together! The East is so far apart"
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Part of the band's successful online strategy would probably make Lars Ulrich cringe, but has led to thousands of fans with Reactions ep's in hand, er, on their I-Pods.  "We decided as a band to release our first 2 releases completely for free via our facebook page. After hitting 1000 downloads on both EP's and reaching 1000 within the first week of the release on 'For What It's Worth', we knew that free was the way to go," they tell us, while poor old Lars counts his nickels somewhere wondering why nobody likes him anymore.  

Savvy use of Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr have raised the band's online profile considerably, and so has offering their music on I-Tunes and Spotify.  While these have expanded their audience, it hasn't always translated into butts in the seats, or moshers in the pits, at shows.  "The number of people definitely wither when it comes to shows, but Facebook and Twitter are very helpful on getting the kids aware of our shows."  Consider yourself made aware that this terrific band is playing Hamilton in just two days.

The first show on the current tour took place at home on January 12th, and bucked the sometimes light turnout trend.  "We had planned our home show for a while, the turn out was incredible. We were expecting 75ish kids or so and 250 kids packed into a 200 cap venue. It was awesome," they said.  
Reactions will be bringin' it this Friday at the Galaxy along with Johnny Stanec, Life After Liftoff, Awake At Last, and Yankee Go Home.  Showtime is 7pm, and is a ridiculously cheap $5.00.  All Ages are welcome, so bring your friends and get your rock on.  Thanks to the band for taking some time out while on the road to talk with us, and we'll see you at the show!

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