Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In The Spotlight--Sinatra

Sinatra's bio on Facebook says simply, "We're from DC. We play weird music."  If by "weird" they mean relentlessly awesome, we here at the Galaxy are in total agreement.  I've played their album "Lost In Hyrule" (which is available by clicking the link) often here, and it has never failed to spark someone to come to the counter and ask "this is awesome, who is it?"  We absolutely cannot wait for them to blow the roof off this Sunday January 15th here at the Galaxy.

"Our sound came from us just progressing as friends and as a band, we played in a previous band together and decided we wanted to make something more aggressive. The post hardcore genre is really something we all grew up with I think," says Sinatra's Zach Alexander.  Anyone familiar with the post hardcore scene will quickly understand that link, as the DC area has been a fertile breeding ground for that movement for years.  While clearly identifying with that scene, the band says that they "really don't think it affects our playing or writing really, we kinda just go with the flow when it comes to writing and performing."  Zach adds that, "we wrote really well together not based on a genre, but based on what we're going through or what we're influenced by at the time."

This desire to not necessarily be bound by the constraints of their genre can be seen in some of their influences, most strikingly the ambient electronic outfit Telefon Tel Aviv, a band they, and I, love.  "Telefon has been a real eye opener in the aspect of really going against the norm of a set style of song writing. There's always something new and exciting after each part of their songs and we all can really appreciate the absence of predictability," says Alexander, who told us he happened to be listening to them when answering our questions!

Part of the mission of the Galaxy, and The Lonely House, has been to offer bands a unique place to play, and in many cases stay.  Jared has hosted numerous bands in his home after shows, and this is something bands clearly come to appreciate.  On a previous tour Zach tells us that "We were playing in Jersey and this family opened their house to us and fed us and let us sleep in their guest room. They also then fed us for breakfast and dinner before we left that night. It was incredible. I can't thank them enough, especially seeing as we were broke and just trying to scratch money together for the next shows and to get home. They made the experience 10x what it would have ever been. And we all love them dearly."  It's part of what we're trying to do to set ourselves apart from the average venue, and it's always great to hear that there are other people out there supporting these artists in ways beyond going to shows.

Things like this give the band a sense of optimism about where the music industry is heading.  "I believe it's doing better. Some would say otherwise but in the aspect of bands like pianos/touch√©/la dispute I think it's great. These bands are able to sell out of records before the release date, go on tour, and go overseas, without a major label backing them. That in itself is a huge accomplishment, and I hope one day we can get the same opportunity," Zach tells us.  As for selling their music he says, "We as a band have our cd for free online because it will get ripped regardless, and why not just give it to them. We haven't had trouble selling physical copies at all really. People who see us perform seem to really want to support and buy our merch."

A mix of playing shows, and making their music readily available they hope leads them where they'd like to go.  "If you write music that's honest people will listen and support it," believes the band, a sentiment echoed by WolfCryer in a previous story here.  "The most effective way of us getting heard I think is split 50/50 through the Internet and playing shows. It really helps if you can play shows. But having music up for listening will also get people excited and then they will hopefully come out and buy the physical copy!"

Joining Au Revoir on this tour "is such an awesome thing for us. We couldn't thank them enough for everything they've done for us. I think I (personally) am most excited just to get on the road and play shows with my best friends, and I think the rest of the band feels the same, or close to the same, as me," he concluded.  You should take the opportunity to come out and see these guys and the rest of the terrific bands playing this Sunday here at the Galaxy.  The show starts at 7pm, and is just $5.00, all ages welcome!  Thanks to Zach for talking with us, and we'll see you at the show!

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