Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In The Spotlight--Yankee Go Home

Yankee Go Home
Like many bands before them, the birth of Hamilton's Yankee Go Home came from the untimely demise of previous bands.  Jake Grove and Codee Rice were the surviving members of The Live Long Day, a band that played such local music haunts as the late Mad Hatter and Dirty Jack's, and that lives on through the power of the internet.  Their first effort at a new band, Yoko Band Destroyer, was a short lived effort that served mainly to aid in the recruitment of the members that would ultimately make up Yankee Go Home.

The band has already played twice at the Galaxy, and is fast becoming a staple of the local music scene, also having recently played at Boomerang's in Cincinnati.  Rice tells us that "We've had surprisingly warm reception so far. We've had a lot of help from friends and fans promoting the shows."  Booking shows as a new band playing mostly originals can be a challenge.  "Originality is the only downfall to getting shows. But we have had some acoustic based shows and learned a series of covers to overcome that problem wherever needed. The scene in SW Ohio is slow moving, and most of the venues LLD played at in Cincinnati are now closed," Rice said.
To add to their roster of shows, the band has played some non-traditional events.  "We actually enjoy playing house shows/parties because they're a more personal experience. That's where we really get to connect with the 'audience'. Also, it's the perfect climate for bringing fans to our calendar shows," Rice told us.  They would like to see the overall scene improve through more teamwork, something that the Galaxy has actively been working toward.  "If it were up to us, musicians/bands would unite and aid each other in any circumstance and not only think about their band. I feel the way to succeed is to network. That also applies to venues. Venues should encourage the original local music scene and give bands something to look forward to/work towards."
The band plans to live that mission by vowing to  "play, write and record as much as our bodies can physically accept. This is something most of us have dreamed of doing since we learned our first instrument and don't consider leaving it behind for any reason," Rice said.  "We plan to network and meet as many people as possible. Learn about people, help fellow musicians, venues and local bars. Our plan is to bring back 'music' as we perceived it when we were younger."
In addition to their high energy performances, the band has also been recognized for the great looking flyers they do, a couple of which are pictured below.  "Nick makes the flyers.  We were definitely impressed with them. They are inspired by our sense of humor. We enjoy doing this, and we want to show people that we're a fun band."

Yankee Go Home Flyers

Rice finishes by throwing some love at the Galaxy, saying "Thanks for taking the time to interview us and making us more than another number on the bill. We really enjoy the overall experience at Galaxy. How organized it is compared to other venues and how supportive of artists in general you are, as well as the Hamilton community. Awesome!"  Thanks man, that's what we're trying to accomplish for everyone that plays here, or attends shows here.

You can catch Yankee Go Home next at the Galaxy on Friday January 27th along with Johnny Stanec, Reactions, Life After Liftoff, and Awake at Last. As always the show starts at 7pm and is just $5.00!  Thanks to Codee for taking some time to answer our questions, and we'll see you at the show!

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