Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Big Shows Next Weekend and Mad Thanks Being Given

Join us for some of this action!

The shot above is just part of the crowd that came out to see our great show on January 5th featuring Ocean Is Theory, The Orphan The Poet, Belle Histoire, Remember When, and Let It Happen!  Bands are contacting us from all over the country to come play right here in Hamilton, and you should really come share in these fantastic events.

For those of you who aren't fully aware of what we're doing here, we aren't just hosting shows.  We are trying to create a scene, from the ground up, where bands and fans can interact and network together in a safe, cool environment.  We're offering local and regional bands a chance to get connected with bands from outside their home base, while giving out of town bands a place to play and make connections here in Southwest Ohio.  And of course to give you the absolute best $5.00 shows you will EVER see.  Yeah, I'm probably a little biased, but you should come check it out for yourself.  Every night there's a show there will be at least one or two bands that leave you in awe.  

I need to give out some huge thanks here to a few people who have been instrumental in making this happen.  Jared Bowers is the man behind The Lonely House, and the main driver behind the vision of our operation.  Writer, photographer, band booker extraordinaire, we absolutely could not be doing this without him, and these mere words on the page don't begin to do justice to my gratitude and admiration for him.  So next time you come to a show, be sure to find him, and tell him thanks for making this happen here.

Secondly, I cannot say enough about what Chris Handley has meant to our events.  Lugging his own sound equipment in here, and somehow making a retail storefront sound absolutely fantastic, for nothing but the occasional Jones Soda and a thank you, is sometimes beyond belief.  Don't take my word for it, come hear it yourself, or ask the bands, who just rave about how great they sound here.  I don't have the words Chris, but thank you.

Zach Starkie is, quite simply, the man.  Running our songwriters workshop, playing shows on almost no notice, promoting our events on his own time with his own dime, and also allowing us to use some of his equipment for our shows also inspires my deep gratitude and respect.  And finally, but certainly not least, Alicia Inman, who has taken on the unenviable task of making sure our shows are added to any and every online music and entertainment calendar in the area and blowing up Twitter about our events.  If I wore a hat, I'd tip it to you, so thanks.

And certainly I have to say a huge thank you to the fans who have turned out, and to the bands that have played like there were 500 people in here when sometimes there have been 20.  We all have been so impressed with the respect the fans have shown to our space, and what we're doing.  Our clean ups have been a breeze because people seek out the trash, and just do the little things that make our lives so much easier.  The bands? All I can say is wow.  I've been to a lot of shows over my long years (no jokes about my age or balding graying head please), and some of the absolute best performances I've ever seen have taken place right here in our building.  I'm humbled frankly at what we've witnessed, from fans and bands alike.  I can't wait to see what's next.

Speaking of that, we have two fantastic shows coming up next weekend!

Friday January 13--Frontier Folk Nebraska w/ WolfCryer, Whiskeyheart, Somebody's Something, and Yankee Go Home   7pm  $5.00  All Ages

Frontier Folk Nebraska

Frontier Folk Nebraska is not a folk band. They are not from Nebraska. This is their second record after their debut, “Pearls” and it is self-titled. Rock music has always buried itself with subgenres in the hopes of achieving some sort of identity. This was forced shorthand in lieu of thinking; marketing in the guise of a scene. Frontier Folk Nebraska avoids this dilemma by daring to play rock & roll music. Sometimes that music tends to be simple, stark, and plaintive. Sometimes it’s a glorious mess of kitchen-sink noise, volume, and exhaustion. The songs ricochet between lights-out tone poems on themes as ageless as American music itself to those of crashing fuzz and multi-colored wounds and bruises, strained to the point of collapse.

WolfCryer returns to the Galaxy for the third time with his unique sound, which is basically just him, a four string banjo, and some achingly beautiful songs.  An instant hit on his first show here, we're so excited to have him back.

Whiskeyheart is Eric Barnett - a singer/songwriter, factory worker, husband, and cat owner from the woods of central Ohio, and is making his first appearance at the Galaxy.

Somebody's Something are just short of being the house band here at the Galaxy, and I can't even tell you how many times they have performed here.  Some terrific harmony vocals, and an always fun performance, we're always glad to have them.

Closing out the night will be Hamilton's own Yankee Go Home.  We added them to a show in December, and were blown away by their energy and performance, and will be having them round out shows as regularly as they'll agree to play here.  

Sunday January 15--Au Revior w/ Sinatra, Old Worlds, The End of the Ocean, and Obviously Twins  7pm  $5.00  All Ages

Ok, we know we aren't supposed to play favorites, we love all of our shows, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't super stoked about this event.  We've been looking forward to this since booking it.  If you're a fan of the post rock scene, and bands like God Is An Astronaut for instance, you have GOT to be here for this.

Au Revoir is a Post-Rock band from Northern New Jersey. They're recording their first release this spring, a concept LP entitled In The Key Of Night. 

Sinatra is a four-piece ambient post-hardcore band from Northern Virginia.  That description doesn't begin to do it justice, these guys BRING IT.

Old Worlds makes a second visit to the Galaxy from Columbus Ohio, bringing their amazing take on the post rock sound to the stage.  They blew us away back in October for our Night of Sweet Relief event.

Also from Columbus will be The End of the Ocean, another ridiculously cool post rock instrumental outfit.

Rounding out the show in what I believe will be his first performance will be Obviously Twins, who if we can make it work will be bringing his art to the spaces between the other band's sets.

And that my friends should make your weekend plans for next week complete!

We'll be following all of this up with our third Songwriters Workshop and open mic on Tuesday January 17th, so mark that down as well if you're an aspiring, or seasoned, songwriter, or just a fan that wants to listen to others talk about, and play, some of the songs they're working on.  This event is FREE!

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