Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why We Do It

Driftless Pony Club, just one of the amazing
bands to have played in your backyard in
the last 7 months, come share!
This is a quick and dirty one for me.  I'm just going to highlight a bit of a story, and give you the link to the full thing, written by my good friend and partner in our little musical adventure, Jared Bowers from The Lonely House.  Go give it a read, and combine it with the things you've already read from me, and then, if you can, if you want, help us keep this amazing thing going, and growing.  Thanks!

We’ve been hosting shows at Galaxy CDs since the beginning of last summer.  What was initially me helping a band out that I happened to like turned in to me setting up shows in an attempt to bring in new customers and regain the support and loyalty of some of Galaxy’s older and oldest… and help out bands that I happened to like.  These were shows, though loosely defined, but were treated like in-store events – they were free and were meant to be mutually beneficial.  The bands got exposure and made new friends and fans, Galaxy got some extra foot traffic and a few more customers.  Part of that worked.  If you’ve followed the story at all, though, you know the part that didn’t work was Galaxy gaining, and maintaining, enough business to survive.  At the end of October, it stopped being Galaxy CDs the record store, turning in to Galaxy CDs the venue.  No name change, no triumphant reopening.  A simple transition.  Read more...

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