Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

A Night of Art & Music Feb 25th
If you've looked at our calendar recently, you'll notice that we're on a short hiatus (the calm) from having any events.  Don't think that means we aren't busy as worker bees over here.  The next time you come in for a show, you'll notice quite a few changes.  And a huge schedule of events one right after another, (the storm) as we've been absolutely bombarded with bands from all over that want to come play here.  The bands, and people who have attended shows here, get it.  And they're spreading the word. There's no, "Oh jeez, it's Hamilton", it's "Holy Crap, this is awesome!"  We really hope if you're reading this and have been here, you'll share it, and bring your friends.  And if you're reading this and haven't been here, that you'll come see what the buzz is about.

Some of the changes you'll be seeing include some additional big comfy couches!  When we're doing the low key singer-songwriter nights, it's great to have a place to relax and enjoy the music, and we're trying to do what we can to keep you from sitting on the floor!   So we now have three sofas, and we may add more.  For the bigger, more energetic shows, we've now removed all of the old used cd racks, and most of the remaining record racks, nearly doubling the available floor space for fans!  Our transition to a full time venue is nearly complete.

And as for the upcoming shows, man, is it going to be incredible!  We've got an amazing Night of Art & Music on February 25th, featuring three area bands, and three incredibly talented artists showcasing their work.  We've got a live recording of the absolutely insane Shoot The Glass Podcast on February 26th.  Then on February 27th New Jersey's Honah Lee headlines a great show.

March will see more terrific bands than I can even wrap my pea sized brain around, with the likes of Place Position, The Albrights, Roley Yuma, and Take One Car hitting the Galaxy.  Then April kicks off with Hawthorne Heights headlining a five band unplugged show, to be followed by the decidedly plugged in metal of HIVESMASHER, KDC, Stained Glass Jesus, & Brothers Fighting.  Then we get all electronic on you with a great show featuring Dreamer(s), Keeps, and Counterfeit I, along with the return of Old Worlds.  Some great sludgy metal reigns over the stage later in the month as VRSA and Close The Hatch come to bring the heat.  In all bands from 10 different states are already scheduled to play here in the next 3 months, and we're just getting started.

Thank you all for your support!  Please pass this along to your friends, let everyone know what's going on here.  Come on out to a show, stop by and grab some flyers to hang, and make a donation to the cause if you can.

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