Friday, March 2, 2012

In The Spotlight--The Kemps

The Kemps bring this rock action to the Galaxy on 3/18

The Kemps, a garage pop band from Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be bringing their trio to the Galaxy as part of a fantastic line-up on March 18th.  Featuring Jared Birden on vocals/guitar, Tyler Bowman on bass/vocals, and Geoff Albertson on drums, the group is focused squarely on getting their name out to the public.  "Jared and I made a decision to switch the line-up to a three-piece, so in a sense we’ve kinda had to rebuild “The Kemps”. All new songs, new gear, etc.  The original lineup restricted us from ever being able to tour longer than a week or two. Other than a few trips northwest and south and a few shows in surrounding states, we’ve never been able to reach as many peeps as we’d like to," says Tyler.

That work begins at home, where they are focused on bringing attention not to just themselves but the Indianapolis area as a whole.  "We work pretty close with our label, GloryHole Records, in efforts to bring attention to Indy, primarily Fountain Square. There’s hot shit going down, we want the whole world to know!"  They indicate that the scene has advanced in tandem with the city.  "Indianapolis has really grown in the last ten years and the music scene along with it. VACATION CLUB, Learner Dancer, Marmoset are just a few great Fountain Square bands on GloryHole records. Our neighborhood also puts on a annual music/art festival called Cataracts in which we turn a bunch of houses on our street into venues for a day."

Check em!

The band told us they, "really just wanna make badass pop songs," and they draw on a wildly diverse range of musical influences to do so, while also using their surroundings for inspiration.  "The Bay City Rollers, Danzig and The Easybeats are a few major influences.  We take in a lot of influence from our surroundings. We are fortunate to live in close contact with some of our favorite local musicians and that has really helped us learn from our peers and find ourselves.  Jared usually has an idea, whether it is a riff, lyrics, etc. The three of us will sit down and write it out. No crazy technique-type approach, we just write parts that make us smile."

The guys also share a job in common, telling us "All three members deliver subs on our bikes in downtown Indianapolis to support our financial needs."  The Kemps will be delivering their delicious brand of rock to the Galaxy along with Take One Car, Army Coach, Frontier Folk Nebraska, and Sam Banta and the Fantastics in what promises to be one killer show.  Thanks to the guys for taking some time out from delivering subs to answer our questions, and we'll see you at the show!

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