Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In The Spotlight--Legend Has It

Legend Has It will rock the Galaxy March 21st
Travelling all the way to our lovely city from Bangor, Maine as part of a spring tour will be pop punk masters Legend Has It.  The tour was set up with their good friends and compatriots in Too Late The Hero, and hits a blistering nine cities in ten days.  Coming together because the groups wanted to "tour together and hang out", the band was able to set up this trek smoothly.  "Shows have been pretty easy to get, a few bumps along the way, but it always comes together, we have a lot of really helpful and awesome friends that help us get things pulled together," said bassist Matt Humphrey.

Visiting a new town is always an unknown adventure, but sometimes leads to memorable nights.  The guys hope for what most bands would desire.  Matt says, "Basically what any band wants when they go to a new city is a well promoted show. Its nice to see flyers hanging up in local stores and stuff, lets you know the promoter cares about you at least a little bit.  One of my favorites was showing up to this shack in Melbourne, Florida, called Jaycee's. We had no idea what to expect, we played 2nd to last I think and throughout the whole show most kids seemed to stay outside, so we thought no one would care when we played, but everyone came in and it was one of the best and most sweatiest times of my life."

The band has a strong home base, where they stay very active, playing a lot of mixed genre shows, as well as community based events.  "Our hometown is rad, they have really been a strong support system for us as a band. They give every band a chance that comes to play," he says. "As a band we have played community events such as a fest called "Skate Against Drugs" It's a skate competition with a bunch of awesome bands playing, tons of kids go. Things like that help keep kids busy and away from doing stupid things."  Despite being that active, and touring, the band still hold down real jobs as well. "We all work jobs while we are at home, music isn't paying many people's bills these days, we do it because its fun and we love it."

While falling loosely under the pop punk heading, the group is hesitant to nail down a label for themselves and their sound.  The members cite diverse influences that work their way into the music. "Each one of us takes from different influences, Jay would tell you his main influence as a drummer are the Deftones, Ryan's favorite bands are prog metal bands like Meshuggah, Anthony loves R&B which I know nothing about but I know he likes Marvin Gaye haha, and my influences come from hardcore bands like No Warning. Basically we aim for playing aggressive and groovy riffs in a positive tonality with a lot of pop punk influence, we try not to limit ourselves."

Staying focused and getting their name out are the primary goals of the band at the moment.  "The more we do this the more we learn, I think setting realistic goals works," Matt concludes.  You should set the goal of seeing the band as they bring the noise along with Too Late The Hero, The Monument, and Vice Versa on a killer Galaxy lineup on March 21st.  As always, thanks to the guys for taking some time to chat with us, and we'll see you at the show!

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