Thursday, March 8, 2012

In The Spotlight--The Rebuilt Machine

The Rebuilt Machine will rock the Galaxy March 24th
The guys in The Rebuilt Machine are an eclectic bunch, in a number of ways.  Musically they cite individual inspirations ranging from We Came As Romans, to Incubus, and Atmosphere.  In the working-to-pay-the-bills world they run the gamut from smoothie maker to government contractor.  But when you mix all this disparate stuff together, you get a cohesive high energy band that knows where they want to go.  "Our core goals are simple.  We want to connect with each other and with fans on an intimate level, and we want to maintain a level of professionalism that will set us apart.  We do this by making sure that our performance and personality at every show are unforgettable.  We aim to make friends everywhere we go," they told us.  

All of the members we spoke with were clear that they'd pursue music full time if it were possible. Nick, the bassist and smoothie shop assistant manager, said that while he appreciates his boss being supportive of his music career, "I wouldn’t say there’s a balance at all.  One is a job, the other is my passion.  If one had to go, I would have no problem picking."  Chase, the keyboard player is a retail inventory specialist, and agrees, saying, "That’s my primary source of income, and balancing that with the band takes a lot of planning and forethought.  It can be hard at times.  My dedication and passion towards the band is what keeps me balanced."  Sam plays guitar and is a lot manager at a Chevy dealer in the 'real world', "doing oil changes and tire rotations and that kind of thing.  I want this band and this lifestyle more than anything else, and my dedication to this artform is what keeps me going."  Government contractor and vocalist Josh says plainly that,  "I see my job now as a means to an end--it pays the bills so I can focus my real passion and creativity on the band."

The current tour with Galaxy repeat offender My Name Is Drew started to take shape after a joint show in January.  "We’ve always talked about touring together.  Zach (from MNID) is a logistics mastermind, and he took the lead in booking the shows.  Lately, the shows have been coming in left and right.  We’ve been using our connections and friendships to get shows, and it’s been much easier than it used to be now that we’ve proven that we can do the work.  We can sell the tickets, we can engage the crowd, and people are starting to notice."  That ability to engage a crowd has served the band well when things have not gone according to plan. 

"We had a house show here in Virginia when MNID was in town last.  It was totally free, and we invited a few of our close friends and fans as a way of saying thanks for all the support we’ve received. One of our favorite local bands, First & Main, played the show with us.  About an hour before our set, our drummer at the time called us to say that his car broke down and he wasn’t coming.  Nick, our bassist, had to learn the drums in a flash!  We’d never played with that lineup and we were missing a lot of gear, so we were sloppy and uncoordinated to say the least.  Still, we sold the performance with our energy and connection with the fans.  The place was packed, everyone was screaming along, and we all had a blast.  That was probably one of the most rewarding shows we’ve ever played, and it had nothing to do with how well (or horribly) we played our instruments."  We're still hoping the whole band shows up for the Galaxy show!

The band mixes their individual influences with some style setting artists that have led the way over the years when writing, and have been lucky enough to get to play recently with one of them.  "All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Used, UnderOath, Hawthorne Heights, and all those other timeless bands that defined the genre when we were in high school.  To be a good writer you have to be a good listener.  We take what we love about the stuff we all listen to and try to put our own spin on it—the energy, the emotional connection, the relevance of the music.  The Rebuilt Machine is one of those bands we want you to be able to scream along with in the car.  We actually had the chance to play with Hawthorne Heights in Richmond at The Kingdom this February.  It was an unforgettable show, packed with energy and passion—a dream come true!"

The band says that even out of town shows can "feel like a hometown show if you go into it with a positive attitude."  Give the guys a Hamilton hometown welcome on March 24th, along with Role Models, My Name Is Drew, Wringer, & Memorials, on a show brought to you by our partners at Wings On Brookwood!  Thanks to the guys for chatting with us, and we'll see you at the show!


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